Evening Routine: Co-founder Inder sharing her own self care rituals!

Evening Unwind 

Having some time at the end of the day just for myself has been a pivotal way for me to keep my life in balance and my mental health in check. Self reflection is something I value and has become habitual, although it took time and practice to develop into a healthy habit. Reflective writing and some indulgent ‘me-time’ before bed helps me unwind all the clutter and heaviness of my day. In the past, I’ve had issues with insomnia and an inability to just sit with my thoughts, some days were better than others, but it was clear that I could change things to take better care of myself. After building a nighttime routine, I found that I sleep better and can clear my head and keep things in perspective. Here is what my nighttime routine looks like, sometimes I’m not able to do it all and just do what works for me at the time. The key pieces for me are relaxing in my space, reminding myself of the many things I am grateful for and easing my mind so I can have a restful night of sleep and start the next day fresh af.

Self Reflection 

Many times this is an internal dialogue for me or speaking to a loved one. I struggled with writing out my thoughts, the idea of physically writing out my feelings felt so intense and invasive. When I would get ready to write, often, I did not know where to start. That is why we developed our Journal Cards, they prompt you to tap into your feelings in small baby steps and can be revisited to bring up new thoughts or ideas at a later time. They can also help guide internal dialogue if writing isn’t your thing yet.

crystals and journal cards

Relaxing Bath 

For me, this is the easiest, quickest way to chill out. I usually listen to a podcast or have Netflix on. Epsom salts are a must for relieving tense muscles in a hot bath so I usually put in a huge scoop. Try our Bliss Bombs for the ultimate indulgence. Learn more about the DIY spa day at home with ARCH.

bath set up

Evening Skin Care Routine 

Who doesn’t love a multi-step skin care routine? Taking care of my skin is important to me, I take the extra time to take care of my skin in the evening, so I can save time the next morning. I start with a cleanser, exfoliate with a scrub, tone and apply a good layer of facial oil or a sleep mask. After all that, I can just do a quick rinse with water in the morning. 

I also like to use a face roller at night. A face roller is great for working against gravity when it comes to skin care. I found that a roller can also help me relax! I hold a lot of stress in my jaw and shoulders, I catch myself clenching my jaw or tightening my shoulders when I am feeling overwhelmed. I use a quartz roller to help loosen jaw muscles and carry it down along my neck to my shoulders, sometimes I do this in a bath to save time!

jade roller and bath bomb

Creating Space 

I love beautiful crystals around my space and I am learning more about how to use crystals to their full potential. Right now, I keep a few crystals in my car, my handbag and work bag for a little extra help and serve as a reminder to be present and purposeful with my time. I spend time in the evening thinking about what I have to do the next few days and choose or rearrange what crystals I want to keep around.

Tea Please- My current favourite is the ‘Calming’ tea by Yogi Tea, it’s delicious and I love the cute little messages on the tea bags. I usually have this while I’m catching up with my texts or just chilling out on my couch. I dim the lights and light a candle to give my eyes a break.

I mist a sleep spray on my pillow to encourage deep relaxing breaths before bed. I love using our Midnight Mood as sleep spray for my pillow, give it a try!

midnight mood vibrational essence spray



A gratitude journal is non negotiable for me and essential to building positivity and healthy habits. I spend some time thinking about 5 things I'm grateful for and write them out. Sometimes it can be difficult to think of 5, oftentimes my 5 look the same over and over again but it is important for me to do, because it helps me keep things in perspective, recognize what I am grateful for and gets me to bed with happy thoughts.


I try my best to avoid using my phone right before bed or filter what I am looking at to keep my mind clear. I found that if I engaged in certain types of content or types of conversations before bed I would be anxious and it would affect my sleep. I tend to start filtering the type of reading, social media or entertainment content towards the end of my day to avoid dramatic or heavy topics. Basically, I stopped watching murder documentaries on Netflix right before bed. 

Goodnight = Good life

Every night looks a little different, I don’t always get the chance to do all of this every night but I do try to remain consistent with key pieces that help me live my life with reflection, intention and focus. It started off quite small, many things I already practiced but did them sporadically or when I had time, rather than making time for them. I started with just 5 things I am grateful for and I kept building from there. Having an evening routine has not only helped me lessen my anxiety and encouraged rest, it has helped me uncover how I want my life to look like, what I am grateful for and most importantly, express that gratitude on a daily basis. It helps me be present and offer ‘my best self’ for the many roles I hold.