Morning Routine: Co-founder of ARCH sharing her own self-care rituals


Being a entrepreneur with what seems to be a million things on-the-go at all times, having a consistent routine is essential to feeling organized and staying productive. For me, that ritual begins with my morning routine, this helps me wake up feeling calm, grateful and ready to take on the day. While this list is extensive, it should be noted that this is not an everyday routine and that is okay. Some days, we get up on time and are ready to take on the world, other days we miss the alarm and rush out the door with bed head hair secured in a scrunchie. Balance is very important to me and my life and I give myself compassion when I miss my morning routine. We all know life happens, if you are interested in hearing more about my morning routine, keep reading. 

My Ideal Morning Routine - Amardeep Garcha

Waking up and setting myself up

7:00 AM First things first, I open the blinds for light. Even on a rainy day here in Vancouver, there is something about breaking in the light that awakens a space. 

morning light

Then, I take 10 minutes to do breath work. Breath work has helped me with my anxiety, and it is definitely something I did not always practice. Isn’t it crazy how we forget to take the time to just breathe? I follow the amazing WIM HOF Method and use this guided breathing exercise, click here.

7:15 AM After breath work, I do a quick 5 minute stretch routine by doing the Uttanasana yoga pose (forward fold) to release any tension in my neck and shoulders. Here is the link for the correct posture to follow when completing the Uttanasana pose.  

meditation set up


How do I incorporate ARCH products? 

Once this is completed, this is the perfect time to incorporate the Morning Vibe and rise roll-on. It was moments in my morning routine that were some of the inspiration behind the ARCH essential oil blends. I love essential oils and love how the aromas make me feel.

morning vibe and rise

7:20 AM Then, I take about 15 minutes to do my morning hygiene, shower & skin care. I generally will have Brain FM in the background and will be listening to the recharge series. 

7:35 AM After this I go into my kitchen and place water on the stovetop. While I wait for the water to boil, I make the bed. I generally drink lemon and ginger water (sometimes I do honey and cayenne, or fennel). 

7:40 AM  I will take a quick 15 minute walk while sipping my warm water and listen to a motivating podcast. I love Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday and the Skinny Confidential podcast series, or I will listen to a walking meditation using Brain FM unguided meditation series. More recently I have been doing a quick 2km run around the neighbourhood. It all depends on what side of the bed I wake up on.

water bottle, scrunchie and ball cap

My go-to morning drinks!

7:55 AM I make cha every morning, a cup of traditional Indian Cha is so comforting and gives me the perfect little caffeine boost. And its Cha or Chai, not Chai Tea...

cha tea

8:00 AM While I sip on my cha, I spend about 10-15 minutes to read, I just finished Born a Crime by Trevor Noah, I highly recommend it (ARCH book club coming soon…). I also try to read a page from the Daily Stoic by Ryan holiday every morning. 

morning read with tea

8:15 AM After I read, I reflect and journal for 5-10 minutes. Sometimes my journal entries are reflections of the day before, gratitude logs, or if I feel stuck I refer to the ARCH journal card prompts to get my mind thinking. Self-reflection is very important, life can move fast and be overwhelming- leaving little time to process all the things that happen. Reflection is a time for me to collect my thoughts and strengthen my emotional wellness. 

flatlay of books

8:25 AM After reflection I set my daily intentions, just 1-2 points in the following categories, work, wellness, home, personal & learning.

8:30 AM After this, it’s smoothie time. I love drinking smoothies, it is a great way to consume beneficial vitamins and nutrients quickly. My favourite recipe is ice, frozen blueberries, ½ a banana, a couple handfuls of spinach, ½ cup of almond milk, some peanut butter and protein powder. My sister shared really good smoothie recipe you can find the blog here. 

I also fill a water bottle, add a squeeze of lemon (sometimes I add frozen strawberries and fresh basil, sometimes I do just a splash of apple cider vinegar). 

Now that I’ve taken care of myself, I begin to check work emails/make work phone calls. 


As I previously mentioned, this is not an every single day morning routine. Some days I complete it all, other times it is different variations. What is important for me, is that I begin each day with centring myself, and taking the time to invest in me before I start my day and invest in anything else. As a business owner, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a friend, I have so many roles and responsibilities and it is extremely important that I learn to take care of myself first so that I am able to show up in my other roles.