Self care from home: The best bath ever.

There is no denying that the last few months have been some of the most challenging for so many of us. This is why self care is more important now than ever! In this series of blog posts, we will be sharing methods in which you can indulge in self care regimens in the comfort of your own home. If you need some bath inspiration... you've come to the right place! 

Bring the spa vibes home to you 

Do you miss going to the spa? Or is the trip back not the same with everything going on?  For some, going to public spaces is not comfortable, and for others they do not have the option. We believe that self care is important for your everyday routine and maybe heading to the spa or getting a facial was that special treat for you. This is why we’re inviting you to bring that luxurious spa feeling home with ARCH.  

For a limited time when you purchase the Indian Summer candle, you can purchase a Bliss Bomb for half off. The two of these products when used together can create one of the most relaxing settings and can help you carve out some much needed time for yourself. 


bath rack with candle and wine


Our Bliss bomb is easily one of the most hydrating bath bombs I’ve used to date. I do not feel the need to moisturize after getting out of the bath because of all the wonderful oils. It’s made with organic Coconut oil and infused with oils of Orange, Champa, Neroli, Patchouli and Cinnamon. We topped each Bliss Bomb with dried rose petals for an extra lux experience. All you have to do is draw your bath and prepare the little extras just how you want. If you want to hear more about what others are saying, click here. 

The Set Up 

I don’t normally take baths often, but when I do I like to create an intimate setting for myself. Of course, there has to be a candle sitting on the side of the tub. Indian Summer is one of the best candles I own, so it is a must have for ‘at home spa’ vibes! Created with Jasmine, Vanilla and Amber, this candle has a very sultry and warm scent to it. It is not overly strong but can easily fill a space. The aroma of the candle with the bath bomb is next level good and instantly zen-me-out.

I like to set up my bath extra hot and have a towel to lay my head against as I relax.  And while I’m at it, I might even pour myself a glass of wine or a relaxing tea before getting in the tub. That’s something you may not get at a spa day, but home is your space to unwind.

Usually when the water is running I like to get cozy in my robe and begin to unwind. I try to put my phone away for a bit and shut off my brain from all the things I know I need to get done, or that I am worried about. This is to help me get into a good headspace. Lately, I have been incorporating Midnight Mood into my pre-bath rituals. This mister is infused with calming lavender and it is perfect to get you into the right headspace to relax.

Sometimes I like to go the extra mile for myself and I toss in some flower petals to help give that lux feeling before dropping the bomb in. When I practice self care, I like to indulge in those extra special moments. 

Isn't it strange to think that we can go out of our way to create special moments for other people, but not ourselves? I like to think about self care as intentional actions I am doing to serve myself. Self care is not selfish, and you are allowed to put yourself first. 


bath set up


If you are someone who gets bored just laying in the tub or might have trouble relaxing, I recommend bringing in a book. Sometimes I even bring in my laptop and set up Netflix… it’s your time so do what makes you feel good. If I’m being honest, I usually re-watch Friends for the 1000th time. I try to unwind in a way that makes me feel comfortable, and if that means putting on a 90's sitcom, then so be it.


Taking time to indulge is so crucial. Life gets super busy and we need to create time and space to indulge and take care of our mental wellbeing. Especially with everything that is happening in the last half of this year. It is important to take these moments for yourself, and check in on how you are doing. Self care is important, if you don't take care of yourself- how can you help others? For that, take your bath to the next level with ARCH and set up your perfect ‘at home spa day’ to indulge and relax. 

Happy Bathing everyone!


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