ARCH Community Fund

How is ARCH looking to make a difference?

ARCH is a one-stop shop, emotional wellness store and blog. The aim is to provide a space where people can not only invest in self-care tools but come to share and learn new practices of emotional wellness through our blog and social media channels.

We want to make a difference in any way that we can. This can be seen in the procedures that have been taken to launch ARCH, and throughout our entire company; from our people to our processes, our product, consumers and community. Our products and packaging are sustainable, cruelty free, environmentally friendly and can be repurposed.


Small business looking to make a big impact?

Our goal is to to establish the ARCH Community Fund to impact our community  directly, we will accumulate a percentage of sales to give back to communities in need, and more specifically, BIPOC. The vision is to support overall wellness, education and empowerment for people of colour in the lower mainland.

Currently, 100% of proceeds from your purchase of our Journal Card prompt deck will be donated to the ARCH Community Fund for charitable health and wellness initiatives. Stay tuned for exciting announcements on our new partnerships!


Know of an organization in need?

Know of an organization that aligns with our companies values and needs aid? We'd love to hear from you! Contact us directly at